Monday, March 17, 2008

The turning tides

A friend and reader shared this with me tonight:
I went to my county caucus yesterday. They don't expect final results to be tabulated for at least a few days. So many people want a spot at state and congressional caucuses, and I say let them... I also found it interesting listening in on the Clinton supporters in my house district - maybe I'm biased, but most of them did NOT have good reasons for their support. A whole lot of "let's get a woman in the White House" gibberish when our side had no racial arguments at all - it was genuinely about what he supports. I can be proud of that. I can also sleep easy tonight knowing that 390 people from my house district - my NEIGHBORS - are democrats. Huh!!! Considering how are elections go around here, who would've thunk??? so I think the key lesson here is making sure Dems get out to vote and vote for the right people this time around. We're in the retired (THANK GOD) Tom Tancredo district, but on the edge, so it is hard to overthrow the republican support in that CD. But we also have our state house and senate districts to think about and as far as I'm concerned, no more excuses, people! let's get it done.
Some really great points here. The part about Clinton supporters not having any real reason for supporting her other than the fact that she's a woman is something I've heard more than anything in my contact with Hillary supporters. I have to believe that, mostly because no other argument is valid. It can't be experience, because all the candidates with experience aren't in the race anymore. She certainly doesn't have any credible experience, as we continue to discover as her claims are being vetted (no, she has NOT been vetted as she claims, but she will be before this is done). I'd say the Clinton supporters going on strike at Daily Kos is a wonderful thing. I imagine they got tired of losing arguments against a Hillary presidency.

As for red seats turning blue, we're seeing more and more of that lately, and hopefully we'll see a whole lot more.

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Jake Barlow said...

I just started to wonder if the striking Clinton supporters at Kos are actually part of an orchestrated campaign. This does smack of the type of "blame the other guy for your own sins" kind of tactics that Hillary (and Republiscums) are well known for.