Saturday, May 31, 2008

Disenfranchised voters?

As I mentioned in an earlier post about knowing Floridians who did not vote in the primaries knowing their votes wouldn't count, now there's evidence that as many as a million voters did not turn out to vote. Check it out:

Bottom line: As these numbers clearly show, if these two states had held recognized contests with turnout in line with the best-fit curve for the other states, it seems likely that many more voters would have turned out -- possibly as many as one million in Florida, and over half a million in Michigan -- and we simply can't know how those people would have voted. These simple facts render both contests, especially Michigan, seriously dubious as actual measurements of the will of each state's electorate.

What does Hillary and her horde have to say about them? (Deafening silence).

A compromise has been reached apparently, thanks to the grace and magnanimity of Barack Obama. But if there were any sense of decency left in this country, none of the FL votes would count.

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