Saturday, May 31, 2008

Done deal? Doubt it.

After Clinton drone Harold Ickes said Hillary advised that they would reserve the right to take the FL/MI delegate matter to the credentials committee at the convention, along with [her] horde persistently disrupting the RBC meeting with their shrill chants and cries of "DENVER! DENVER!" how can anyone expect that Clinton will not continue with her scorched earth strategy?

Chuck Todd and a few others on the net seem to think that she won't, but I think Rachel Maddow called it squarely. "Stepping back from the trees," she sees Clinton's slash and burn forest. She takes Ickes's threat as credible, and so do I. Clinton has been given a long leash in this campaign, and every time someone gives her the benefit of the doubt, they have to eat their words. This time is no different. There are plenty of missiles left in Clinton's win-at-all-costs arsenal.

The DNC, RBC, and Obama campaign wanted only one objective coming out of this meeting today, and that was to begin uniting the party. Clinton supporters had zero interest in this objective ahead of the meeting and after, as was clearly evidenced by their abhorrently disruptive behavior inside the hall, and outside.

Clinton and her supporters want nothing short of Obama NOT becoming president. If you don't believe me, see my next post.

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