Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hillraisers for McCant?

Outside of the RBC meeting in DC today, some Clinton supporters showed their true colors.

Are these women Republican plants, or do they really think this way? If they are for real, they're doing a terrible job at dispelling the myth of women being inherently irrational. What could be more irrational than voting against all of your principles and choosing your opponent whose platform and ideology is anathema to everything you stand for, over your competitor from the same party whose platform and ideology is nearly identical to yours?

Would Hillary supporters so willingly do their best to hand over the the future of America to John McCant, which would ensure at least another four years of disastrous Bush-style governing, the appointments of many more conservative judges and one or two justices, further erosion of our civil liberties, relinquishing even more control of our country to corporations, increased environmental devastation, and a possible complete regression of women's reproductive rights?

If Clinton supporters would rather do this just to keep Barack Obama out of the White House, then that would make Clinton supporters useless to the Democratic Party, and they should be driven out. I assert that any Clinton supporter who has threatened to vote for McCain should be driven out of the party.

If you know of any Clinton supporters, you should call them out and renounce them. That kind of behavior is despicable.

One last note:
I must say that the behavior of the Clinton supporters at the RBC meeting today has been perfectly consistent with the behavior of Clinton supporters I have encountered while campaigning for Obama. These people have been horrible, they have been exceedingly rude, they have been mean and nasty to the core. Voting for Hillary Clinton means endorsing this very type of sickening behavior. Who wants four years of that?

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