Saturday, September 6, 2008


One of my favorite Kossacks - Hunter - points out all the fakery in the RNC's convention for John McFake. Using stock photos of "uppity" negroes smiling and being happy. From iStockphoto of all places, the Wal-Mart of stock images.

Not like we should be surprised. Republiscums are notorious for being fakes and phonies, the same types of shysters who steal your valuables and sell them back to you for a profit. They sell us bullshit like the Clear Skies Act that actually trample the beneficial Clean Air Act, and instead of attacking pollution, it attacks pollution controls. They do the same thing with just about every environmental law that has been proven to be a positive balance between the needs of business and the rights of Americans to a healthy environment.

Ever the masters of pulling the wool over the eyes of the sheeple, the Republiscums have typically gotten away with gutting civil liberties for the sake of promising security, and doing little to actually protect the people. Or by promising to shrink the government and curb wasteful spending while always increasing the size of the government, and always spending into record defecits. The sheeple are always blind to it, even when they see it happen, because as long as Republiscums promise the morons to keep their trucks filled with gas, assault weapons accessible, and a knee bended to Jesus, - oh, and keep the uppity Negroes in line - that's all that matters.

Fuck you, Fakes! Fuck you, Sheeple!

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