Friday, September 5, 2008

More from Moore

Michael Moore gets it, and it's something I'm quite worried about:

But before everyone gets all smug and self-righteous about the Palin
selection, remember where you live. You live in a nation of gun owners
and hunters. You live in a country where one out of three girls get
pregnant before they are 20. You live in a nation of C students.
Knocking Bush for being a C student only endeared him to the nation of
C students. Knock Palin for having kids, for having a kid who's having
a baby, for anything that is part of her normalness -- a normalness
that looks very familiar to so many millions of Americans -- well, you
do this at your own peril. Assuming she's still on the ticket two weeks
from now, she will be a much tougher opponent than anyone expects. You
live in a country that voted for Dan Quayle.

I have been feeling this way about McCain too. In every measure, Obama is the best man for the job compared to McCain. But as Moore has also said, you can put any generic Democrat on the ticket to run against War Hero, and War Hero will win. It's definitely identity politics, and identity politics all comes down to who the voters identify with. That's the sad, disgusting truth, and it's a self-perpetuating cycle. As the country continues to be dumbed down, voters will vote for the guy who doesn't make them feel dumb. They like panderers like McCain - and Palin, because most voters in this country are too stupid to know they're being pandered to.

I think Moore was gracious to think we live in a nation of C students. I might argue C- to D+. After all, this is a country who not only voted for Dan Quayle, they also voted to RE-ELECT George W. Bush. That's the stunner right there. If you don't think they're dumb enough to vote for McCain, then you're not so smart yourself.

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