Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Treason, Sedition, or Just Plain Stupidity?

Just a quick note on this "rebellion" garbage popping onto the radar screen from the Republiscums is something I think should be taken seriously. As angry and hateful as I have been to the Bushies/Neo-Cons/ex-Nixonians/Conservatives/Republiscums, I've always kept my anger in check. I may have forgotten my civil tongue in the presence of close company, but I've never publicly advocated revolution, secession, or insurrection, i.e., in a setting that could never have been perceived as anything more than an expression of frustration. But when idiots and assholes openly and publicly advocate for armed takeover and/or violent transfer of power, they have crossed the Rubicon, and should be immediately condemned as enemies of the state, and dealt with accordingly.

To be clear, I am not against people expressing their grievances against their government. I've done quite a lot of that over the past eight years. I also believe that a time may arise when political actors need to be removed from office by force. But those times are - and must be - extremely rare. Only when the majority - or some number coming close to that - is being oppressed by a minority, or when the elected leaders are willfully and deliberately violating the Constitution, should force be considered an option. But, force is only an option when all other civil options have been completely exhausted. Then, and only then, should civil - or non-civil - disobedience be considered an option. But that said, any type of non-civil opposition should expect - and certainly deserves - fierce opposition from the sitting polity.

My main opinion here is that any and every American citizen advocating or publicly discussing armed and violent overthrow of an elected official or body of government should expect to be considered enemies of the state and treated as such. If and when they are found guilty of same, they should also not be surprised if they find themselves guilty of treason, and dealt with accordingly. Some asshole said on Hannity's forum, "it's only treason if your side loses" (or something to that effect). While this may be true, I wonder how many of these Republiscum blowhard assholes are brave enough to ante up. I'm sure they'd make fine bullet-stoppers.

I say put up or shut up, or suffer the consequences for either , because we are - if nothing else - a nation of laws, not men.

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