Friday, December 11, 2009

It's the media, stupid.

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about all of those Obama supporters who have been so disappointed in him since the election, especially yours truly. Then it occurred to me that the same very reason why George W. Bush was able to get away with so much bullshit is exactly why Obama gets so much shit.

It's the media, stupid.

I've ranted plenty about the Mainstream Media (MSM, or Corporate-run media as I prefer to call them. It should have been immediately obvious what was going on. The bottom line is that the media - and not just Fox News - has been doing all the negative reporting on Obama that they can. This is in stark contrast to how the media bent over muscle-snapping backwards to do positive reporting on W and do as little negative reporting as possible until it just became unavoidable.

The majority of media outlets are owned and operated by huge corporate interests, we all know that. Large corporate interests are as anti-liberal and anti-progressive as can be. They are, at their core, in deep opposition to any politician that is not conservative. It only stands to reason that they would do their best to undermine politicians - and most importantly a President - who are not conservative. Obama may not be a liberal, but he is also not a conservative, er go, the media will do as much as it can to whittle away at Obama in a "death by a thousand cuts" effort to ruin his standing among his supporters, and the fencesitters.

The evidence is all around you, and often right in front of our faces. The Corporate-run media doesn't do the type of negative reporting that panders to right-wngers and tea-baggers, those people are already in the bag. No, the Corporate-run media targets their reporting to the aforementioned Obama supporters, and fencesitters. Often times, the reports may not start out negative, but frequently, buried in the reports are little jabs and swipes that serve to discredit Obama.

But don't take my word for it. Just keep your eyes fully open when reading articles, or columns, or listen to reports on TV or the radio, especially anything from the Associated Press. Keep track of all the little asides, swipes, jabs, and barbs. You'll see the pattern emerge clearly.

Then, eventually, you'll realize - like me - that you've been played like a fiddle. Once that happens, you can choose to not be played by the media, ad you can stop being a sucker for their bullshit games.

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