Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rachel's Courage

Glenn Greenwald has a great post about Rachel Maddow's courageous Tuesday night demolishing of so-called "formerly gay" Richard Cohen. My favorite part is where he subtly - and rightly - implies that other Beltway media stars just don't match up to her intellectual capacity:

Rachel's guest last night was modestly smart, coy and well-prepared, and pinning him down this way was not an easy task.  Rachel was able to demolish his statements only because she is extremely smart, intellectually quick and dexterous, and able to think critically on the spot.  To put it as politely as possible, people like David Gregory or, say, Brian Williams and John King  don't exactly have those instruments at their disposal.  That deprivation is a major reason why they're selected for those positions. (Emphasis mine.)

If you haven't watched Rachel go to work on that fraud, you can watch it here:

It really gets good here:

Cohen: "You're taking it out of context..."

Rachel: "I'm reading it from your book, dude."

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