Monday, March 17, 2008

Lets see just how super the super-delegates are

Clinton cannot win without stealing the election with super-delegate help. Period We know this, and she knows this. She doesn't seem to care, and in her own words considers this the "fun part" of the campaign. She's relishing in splitting the Democratic party, and I would even go so far as to say that I believe the "strike" of Hillary supporters at Kos is part of their "play the victim" tactic, and may in fact be a coordinated effort with the Clinton campaign.

This does not have to go on. The super-delegates can prove how super they are by showing some heroism and coming out to support Obama now. They could even pressure Clinton to bow out right now.

As much as I despise Clinton's tactics - and her politics - I would settle for her on the ticket if she were the veep, but only if she agreed to that in the next few weeks. Obama could get rid of Bill by making him a Supreme Court justice (and wouldn't that be glorious!).

I just got an email from the DNC asking for a donation to help lay the foundation for the nominees run against McCain. I wrote back and told them I won't give up a dime to the DNC until I can be assured that Clinton won't steal this election. I cannot, and I will not support the party if that is allowed to happen.

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