Monday, September 15, 2008

Open Season on journalists in the Corporate-Run Media

It's time to go huntin'!

While not normally an advocate of direct violence, I say now that it should be completely acceptable to punch in the face just about any journalist working for the Corporate-Run Media at every opportunity. The higher up the ladder - those journalists pulling in six figures, and especially the editors - deserve an extras level of punishment for their complicity, and their direct efforts to corrupt the political discourse in this country.

I would argue that the people in this country are just as much to blame, since they are the ones who willingly consume the garbage these hacks force down their throats, but the corporate-un Media created the environment that we live in. They claim they are only giving us what we want, but the truth is, through consolidation - and thanks in very large part to the deregulation that has allowed media markets to to be controlled primarily by just four major corporate entities - choice has become extremely limited. People are only choosing from what is being offered, and that is complete shit.

Josh briefly highlights two recent instances that demonstrate just how fundamentally corrupt the Corporate-Run Media has become, and offers this:

We hear a lot about the steep and perhaps terminal decline of the
business model underlying daily print newspapers. But this corruption
in the basic conception of the craft -- which is actually related to
the economic decline -- gets discussed much less.

This is what gives liars a clear strategic advantage over non-liars.
And it's an open question whether McCain's level of dishonesty turns
out to be so great that it overwhelms reporters' unwillingness to
report accurately on it.

So go after journalists with impunity. Just make sure that as you administer smackies, let them know why. Let them know that you're sick of how they've corrupted our politics, and are hurting this country.

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