Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open Letter to Rachel Maddow in Proclamation of Her Awesomeness

Dear Rachel,

You set the standard for all proudly progressive journalists and commentators. The way you capably responded to the sucker-punch by David Frum and deftly turned his tired, hackneyed, right-wing arguments against him was pure poetry. Epic it was that you were also able to rub in his face the sham argument of unwarranted equivocation that nearly every journalist - and so-called journalist - feels an obligation toward, even when it takes balancing the one side's truth with the other side's lie. I can only imagine the fierce drubbing Frum will be getting from his Conservativist cohorts as they taunt and berate him for getting PWNED by a GIRL (because, to this day, not a single one of them has even the slightest respect for just how awesome the power of woman can be).

Rachel, you are a model for women, and a model for progressives everywhere. Thanks for showing everyone how dangerous it is to understimate women, and informed progressives.

You not only rock, you PUNK ROCK!

Jake Barlow

P.S. Unlike you, I would not have been able to resist comparing your intellectual humor with the ironically unfunny joke of reporting and commentary that comes from Frum's National Review Online. It took serious cojones for Frum to come on your show and attack you, when his name is attached to such a pathetic rag as NRO. Frum is now equal to Bill Kristol, and not in a good way. And was it just me missing it, or was there really absolutely no sense of irony when Frum mangled Ghandi's famous quote about being the change you want to see in the world? If Frum would have gotten that quotation out properly, his head would have exploded and created a quantum singularity, sucking what is left of the Conservative movement into oblivion.

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