Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rick Noriega for US Senate: Hell Yeah!

I'll never stop being bewildered at the urban cowboys of Texas. Talk about a bunch of wankers who are all hat and no cattle. I've met more real cowboys in my time who wear baseball caps while managing massive free-range herds than I have real cowboys wearing "cowboy" hats. Seriously, if your hat is a fashion accessory, you may as well be one of the Village People, 'coz you're no more a cowboy than that mustachioed fellow prancing around about the joys of the YMCA. No offense to my relatives, or my gay friends, but all due offense to any pseudo-cowboy who lusts longingly for the John Wayne wanna-be types of John Cornyn (a prototypical Village People cowboy along the likes of Geroge Dubya).

John Cornyn is the biggest douchebag to ever put on a cowboy hat, and any self-respecting Texan who once supported him ought to take their hat in hand and beg Rick Noriega for forgiveness, then swear loyalty to his campaign if for nothing else than an act of absolution for having been such a imbecile for thinking Cornyn was anything less than a prancing fool wishing he was a cowboy and not snot-nosed "better than thou" brat.

If you're from Texas, and you have a woody for tough guys, Cornyn ain't your boy (unless you have some sort of fetish that defies explanation). If you respect real heroes who have given their all willingly to protect the values most decent Americans hold sacred, you'll not only VOTE for RICK NORIEGA, you'll give him some money and get as many people as you know to VOTE for RICK NORIEGA, and get them to get other people they know to VOTE for RICK NORIEGA and give his campaign money too.

For all you Cornyn supporters, grow some and stop being douchebags.

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