Friday, February 20, 2009

The last word on George Will

I've been wanting to unload all week on George Will, much as I have unloaded on him in the past in my Axis of Evil blog of yore. Unfortunately, not having full use of my left arm makes typing strenuous, especially for this hunt-and-pecker. Lucky for me, Jamison Foster from Media Matters has a brilliant post that contains a lot of stuff I was planning to unleash, and even more.

I'll just add in this summary paragraph, and invite you to read the full article and follow the many links provided, which demonstrate the utter fraud that is George Will.

Basically, George Will routinely makes false claims large and small, holds politicians to disparate standards, and engages in ethically dubious conduct on behalf of his preferred candidates. The Washington Post can hide behind multi-layer processes all it wants, but as long as it publishes Will, it will continue to misinform its readers. The Post doesn't need to give Will a better fact-checker; it -- along with the rest of the media elite -- should instead give him a good, thorough shunning.

Seriously, George Will is a model symbol of the worst of Washington. He's an ignominious liar masquerading as an honest intellectual. He's intellectually dishonest, if anything.

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