Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NY Post Defends Cartoon, Slams Al Sharpton

I know from first hand experience that political cartoons can easily be misinterpreted, but as a cartoonist, I assert that either Delonas is a racist or he's an idiot. To say this is tone deaf is polite. But no matter. If he wants to make a statement with such vile imagery, let him. Free Speech and all that. But most of us can see this cartoon for what it is, despite the Post's CYA defense. As this country moves forward daily towards racial equality and justice, tabloid rags like the NY Post, and the racist, ignorant pigs working there - Delonas especially - are becoming more marginalized and more irrelevant every day.

That's the nice thing about free speech. People are free to express themselves and proudly display just how pathetic they really are.
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