Friday, September 12, 2008

Animal Farm Friday - Wolves Rule

I'm way past being sick of Sarah Palin being in the news, and even writing about her makes me gnash my teeth, but this is important. I've been an advocate quietly - sometimes not so quietly - fighting for the wolves, in the lower 48, and especially arctic wolves up near the Huntress's current stomping grounds. With regards to her stance on wolves - and animals in general - she is my nemesis like no other. Where George W. Bush was indifferent, this savage beast of a woman is proactively evil. As the type of Christianist that she is, she embodies the belief that humans have dominion over animals, a belief that I strongly oppose from the depths of my being. Say what you want about her carrying her afflicted child to term, she has little to no regard for non-human life, and that is why she is evil incarnate.

I am even more sickened at how the McPalin campaign, and the gleefully compliant Corporate-Run Media, is playing off weaker people's archetypal - and unwarranted - fear of wolves, much the same way that W/Dick did with those disgusting ads back in 2004 (I won't link to it here. If you want to subject yourself to that kind of shit, do it by your own choice, and Google it). That was pure Rove, and here he is following up with Sarah the Wolf Slayer campaign.

I say with aplomb that if given the opportunity, Sarah Pain should be considered fair game, and so too, Karl "Dog Food" Rove. At this point, I'm not sure which animal would benefit the most in that pursuit; the American people, polar bears, or wolves. But I dedicated last Friday to polar bears, so this one goes out to the wolves. (People can fend for themselves.)

I chose this particular video because it shows the animals in a respectable light which they so deserve. Watch it in deference.

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