Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More defense from Obama. Where's the offense?

Obama's new ad "No Mavericks" is pretty good, but it's a shame that it's launched from a defensive crouch. I would much rather have seen this come out before the McCain ad, and they definitely need to come out with ads that put McCain on the side of having to put out his defensive ads. McCain is still controlling the narrative of this campaign. Before anyone gets excited and wants to say that Obama is the one being cool-headed and level, and has control of the campaign narrative - that being "change" - just stop and think for a moment. It may seem like McCain abandoned his experience message in favor of the change message, but that's not the narrative. The narrative is that Obama is weak. It's that simple. McCain is showing everyone just how weak Obama is by punching him over and over, keeping him in the corner, or always on his back foot. He's doing it and Sarah Palin is doing it too. The McCain campaign is showing the country that Obama is getting beat up by an old man and a girl. If you don't think that's the message that is starting to sink into the minds of voters in the heartland, think again.

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