Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Debate Fraud Alert

Suspicion was first raised by Kos blogger Billary Redux that George Stephanopoulos was taking notes from Sean Hannity on which questions to ask Barack Obama tonight.

When Hannity asked about the first question below about Ayers and whether George had plans to ask such a question, George replied, "Well, I'm taking notes now Sean." It did actually sound like he was pausing to take notes. And Hannity continued to feed him more:

  1. Ask Obama about his relationship with Ayers and WeatherUnderground and Axelrod's comments, "They're friendly"
  1. Ask Obama why he attended the Million Man March
George just asked the Ayers question.

More from Billary Redux:
Expect a GOTCHA tonight, and ahead of that, We need to let ABC News know we are watching ... If this is his standard, why not let Cheney Moderate the debate, or McCain even!

To put it bluntly, should a Former Clinton Official be the one asking GOP questions to Barack Tonight?!?

Screw ABC, and screw small man Stepho.

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