Friday, April 18, 2008

Another blow to ABC News' ethics?

Turns out the woman who questioned Obama about his flag pin may have been a plant by ABC. She's been on the Pennsylvania news circuit for a bit, and while you might think that she's on the fence about Obama, or at the least undecided, it turns out she's clearly against Obama. She is also someone who has clearly bought into the myth that Clinton "is one of us" despite her silver spoon and Ivy League upbringing and her current family fortune well over $100,000,000.00, in contrast to Obama's clearly meek and lower-middle-class upbringing and lifelong struggle.

In Clinton, she sees someone who has struggled for years, just like her, and has earned the right to be president. In Obama, she sees someone who rose like a rocket, always has a smooth explanation for everything — whether it's about his former preacher or the flag pin — and who makes it all look too easy.

"That's what upsets me about Barack Obama," she says. "He takes everything so nonchalantly."

No matter how often I see examples of it, I am always shocked at just how completely uninformed and utterly ignorant the majority of the people (or sheeple) are in this country. It is always genuinely shocking, and appalling.

But then, I think there's a better angle from which to view this. I don't believe for one second that this woman doesn't like Obama because she thinks he isn't patriotic enough. If patriotism were the real issue, she would be supporting McCain. No, she is supporting Obama for the simple reason that he is a black man. I've talked to plenty of folks who won't vote for Obama, and they will give you every excuse under the sun. But if you get them to talk long enough, they will always give themselves away. They simply cannot and will not vote for a black man.

The real point here anyway is that ABC has completely ruined its reputation and credibility, and more evidence appears each day of just how pathetic the debate was conducted the other night. I hope Charlie Gibson feels the shame and embarrassment of this for a long time. I'm not so worried about Little George, who has always been a few inches and a stupid mustache away from Geraldo Rivera anyway. Charlie Gibson has to measure himself against giants like NBC's Brian Williams, and right now he's smaller than Wolf Blitzer. who can be proud of that?

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