Sunday, April 13, 2008

American Zero

I have been trying to hold back on this for so long, but I can't hold back no more.

The main stream media and press are so far up their own asses, and McCain's too, that the only way they will report honestly about him is if that one time at band camp he got caught with a "flute" in his butt. By that merit, the same 50.55% of Americans that gave Bozo Junior another shot at flying this country nose-first into the abyss is going to happily vote for McStain no matter what. Unless of course that "matter" is Johnny's cherry belonging to another man.

Hey, I'm not the one making it up, so don't shoot the messenger! But rumor has it, that like all great hotels, the Hanoi Hilton had a brothel. And we know all Republicans love their hookers. So I'll take it on faith that Johnny Mac may not have been a taker, but his record sure shows he has been a receiver.

Parse that as you will. But I also know that the only way Mac supporters won't give him their vote is if it turns out he had a gook wiener in his mouth, or up his chuff. I would love to hear Johnny Mac defend himself on either of those. His bloated jowls looks like he's swallowed one or two before. That he even calls his trophy whore of a wife a "cunt" in front of reporters is enough of an example of his latent homosexuality.

Just for the record, if Johnny Mac came out and publicly admitted he was gay, I might consider voting for him. I would consider that more honorable than being dishonest about it, and attacking gay people in a pathetic attempt to hide one's true sexual desires. is despicable, but being gay is as natural as being straight. So, I don't care one way or the other, but I know Conservatives care. That's why Johnny Mac will forever attack gays, because he wants vengeance against the "gooks" for raping him in the Hanoi Hilton. And because of that, he can't distinguish between one brown-skinned person to the next. It's why he can't tell a Sunni from a Shi'a. To him, they're all gooks, or towel-heads, or sand-niggers, or butt rapers, or the like.

So Johnny Mac is a POW hero who deserves respect? Fuck that, fuck him, and fuck anyone who thinks that! McCrap squandered whatever respect he might have deserved back in the 80s when he was swallowing Keating's cock while helping to bail out the bogus bankers who were shitting on the people who voted for him, just like he is today. Back in Nam, he might have been an American hero, but since he's been a politician, he's amounted to nothing more than an American Zero.

But hey, if you hate America as much as John McCain and George Bush, then go ahead and vote for another four years furthering this once great country down the toilet. Shit, these last eight years have been so fucking great, lets keep this party going!

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