Sunday, April 13, 2008

America loves liars

In fact, America PREFERS liars.

If Americans didn't love liars, we would not have been saddled with a horrible second Viet Nam that Iraq has become (as predicted it would be. And for the record, I'm calling "Iran" as our second Cambodia/Laos).

America loves liars as evidenced by George W. Bush being voted in as president for the first time in two elections.

America loves liars as evidenced by Hillary's continued survival in the Democratic primary.

America loves liars as evidenced by those shitheads among us in this country that still think McCain is a "straight talker."

America loves liars because we allowed the mortgage brokers to sell us loans we couldn't afford.

America loves liars because we ARE the liars who took out mortgages we couldn't afford, and we did so because we lied. We lied about our income, our assets, and our earning potential.

America loves liars because Americans ARE liars.

It is because of this that Americans cannot handle the truth, no matter how direct or how painful. Americans have been bottle-fed, and burped, and dismissed of responsibility by the leaders in the executive branch, leaders in the legislative branch, and leaders in the judicial branch (all conservative Republicans, for the record) who tell us all that it is okay to keep consuming and robbing the world of natural resources, and when it runs out here we can go take it from somewhere else, just like a virus).

Americans have learned to love liars, for when we're not working at Wal-Mart, we're shopping at Wal-Mart for items off the Made in the USA rack. But we don't bother to read the label that says the item was made in China, or Singapore, or Bangladesh, and when we do read the label, we just don't care. We feel good about ourselves when we bark and bitch and moan about jobs going overseas while we sit on our fat asses smoking cigarettes between gulping huffs from our oxygen tanks wondering why we're not making $20 per hour for stocking shelves from the motorized Rascals.

Americans prefer a big, fat, puffy rainbow of lies blown up our asses to hearing the hard sad truth that tomorrow might just be a less better day because of all the wanton excesses we were bullshitted into believing would be payable from that pot of gold we'd find as long as our Hummer 2s didn't run out of gas before it reached the other end of the shit-stained rainbows.

Americans love liars, which is why we're all too happy to rally behind Hillary Clinton's and John McCain's pathetic and worthless platitudes that they vomit and shit on us as easily as the air they breathe, promising another decade or two of the downward spiraling bullshit that we've been force-fed in our little Matrix pods rather than accept the cold, hard truth that if we want America to be what it once was, we're going to have to fucking work for it.

If voting for Clinton or McCain and the same bullshit of the last few decades is what it means to be an American, then I need a ticket out of here.

Obama or bust!

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