Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama passes the Commander-in-Chief test...

...for this service member.

What Barack Obama said in this debate is crucial. He is asserting the primacy of civilian leadership and dictating the constitutionally appropriate delineation of power. Bush has postured like a Commander in Chief, but does not hesitate to hide behind military officers that have no business setting the policy. If President Bush told General Petraeus, “I want at least 15% of your NCOs to be trained lion tamers,” then General Petraeus would use his authority to implement the orders and make a statement before Congress about the necessity to hire lion-taming contractors as experts to train NCOs.

This kind of clear and proper thinking is what is needed in our federal government. Half of the madness going on this country is Bush’s unitary executive philosophy that undermines the constitutional separation of powers. I can see from statements like this that Barack Obama has the insight necessary to lead not just the country, but our nation’s military, of which I am a proud member. That is change I can believe in.

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