Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Presidential Debate Reactions: Pundits Weigh In

Political Wire is the most spot on in my opinion.

If there was one word that kept coming up for me all night, it was OLD. Old in McCain's mannerism, his movement, his attitude, and certainly his ideology. Why bring up so much history?

His two references to his hero Ronald Reagan were undermined by his professing of his anti-Reagan stance on Lebanon. By tomorrow, his already self-contradicted comparison to his [other] hero Teddy Roosevelt will be torn apart by a simple Google search which will display examples of his support for a big fat pork barrel project of the aircraft carrier that he helped force on the taxpayers.

As for the winner of the debate, anyone who thinks it was a draw needs to put down their cup of Kool-Aid. I'm happy to admit that Obama flubbed a few responses, and that he let me down more than once when not directly answering some of the questions. But McCain had every opportunity in the world to present his vision for America's future, and while he said he had one, he never presented it, nor came remotely close to providing an example of why he should be the leader of the greatest country on Earth, apart from just suggesting that we should take him at his word, a word most people cannot trust anymore.

When you see the forest, Obama is all evergreen, while McCain is a lone Bristlecone Pine, stubbornly resisting the weathering of time.
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