Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why does McCain take cover behind General Petraeus?

Both candidates, as well as their VPs, reference the war generals in support of their positions. I get that. But there's one glaring point that seems to be lost on most of the media, all of those weak-kneed sycophants struggling day in and day out to keep hidden the appalling truth that they are in fact nothing more than C-rated actors caricaturing journalists. This goes especially for the likes of Tom Brokaw, and that hacknyed, functional retard David Gregory. That point is that every time McCain summons up the Mighty General Petraeus, it is to hide behind his Kevlar apron, and dare - nay, taunt - his adversary and his critics to attack, because to attack McCain when he's cowering like a toothless dog behind the Mighty General is to attack the General. That's a very strange position to take when it is supposed to be the job of our civilian leaders to actually lead the generals.

What does that say about McCain, someone who so dearly wants - and so clearly feels entitled to - the job as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces? Immediate metaphors that come to mind are like a CEO letting the VP of sales call all the shots. Or, a bar owner letting the bartenders call the shots (no pun intended).

McCain is displaying all of the qualities of a weak mid-level manager vying for a shot at the executive position without having a clue as to how the company even works. He seems instead to believe that bravado and bluster is all that is needed to make everyone think you know what you're doing, at least to the point that maybe you'd at least intimidate them enough to fear from challenging you. McCain is NOT displaying any acceptable qualities of someone with true leadership skills.

McCain is, however, really displaying the qualities of a small man still struggling to escape from under the oppressing shadows of bigger men. John Sidney McCain, III still cannot accept that he can never live up to the role he fabricated for himself in an effort to please his father (Junior) and his grandfather, the patriarch.

Sound familiar? We've learned so very painfully what it is like to have a so-called leader abuse America's treasures of blood and fortune to pacify his personal failings as a small man in the eyes of his father. We don't need to tolerate anymore abuse of that sort.

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