Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Bizarro World of Hillary Clinton

Just like Republicans, the Clintons have mastered the art of projecting their own negatives and misdeeds on their opponents. As Ze Frank sung, it's "say the opposite, say the opposite." But this bit of news is completely whacko.

From FirstRead:

Richard Mellon Scaife (of right wing conspiracy fame) endorsed Clinton in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Scaife owns the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which threw its backing to Clinton today. It cites Clinton’s “political courage” in particular for sitting down with its editorial board. (There, she famously injected herself into the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy.)

The paper said, in part: "Clinton's decision to sit down with the Trib was courageous, given our longstanding criticism of her. That is no small matter: Political courage is essential in a president. Clinton has demonstrated it; Obama has not."

This is the same Richard Mellon-Scaife who did his very best to destroy Bill Clinton's presidency with fabricated conspiracies.

Having a tea party with your former arch-nemesis does not show political courage, especially when that nemesis is also the mortal enemy of your fellow competitor (Obama), and your compatriots (Democrats). It's more like "my enemy's enemy is my friend" sort of thing. Making the rounds on the right-wing networks is also not politically courageous, is politically disingenuous, especially when most Democrats avoid these dens of lies because their ultimate agenda is anathema to theirs.

As we watch Joe Lieberman morph into Zell Miller, it seems that Hillary Clinton is morphing into Lieberman. All DINOs cum Republicans-lite. Any progressive-minded Democrat should be terrified by this.

Hillary Clinton is making deals with devils, and we all know how those stories end.

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