Monday, April 28, 2008

A 2nd pass at 60

The second segment on 60 Minutes worthy of comment was a focus on Justice Antonin "Nino" Scalia. Two takeaways: 1) Scalia is every bit of the *dick I always thought of him as, and 2) Leslie Stahl's pathetic interviewing makes Katie Couric look like Edward R. Murrow. I never thought I would say this about her, but I think she should resign in disgrace. Nom kidding, if Nino whipped out his skippy, I wouldn't have been surprised if Leslie cracked her knee caps going for it.

Granted that Scalia is a dick, that does not mean he is always wrong, but I do believe he is most often wrong. Leslie Stahl just had her moment where he was in her trap to be proven wrong about the SCOTUS decision to hand the '00 presidency to W. She let him slip like the wet turd that he is.

As for the "scoop" that the jack-off Mike Stark from HuffPo got on Scalia over 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl made you look like one of those bimbos from Fox.

What the fuck is wrong with journalists? Is Scalia truly the Prince of Darkness with powers of persuasion that he can just look at you and make you forget that he's a complete fuckwad who may or may not have read the rules to Monopoly when you didn't, so he can therefore tell you how to fuck yourselves and get you to say "thanks?"

Give me five minutes alone in a small room face to face with that twerp and I'll bet he'd come out with a seriously different interpretation of what the word "constitution" means.

*dick - repugnant, small, selfish, self-aggrandizing, controlling, geek/dork, chip on the shoulder, grudge against the world, I-was-picked-on-all-my-life-as-a-single-child-so-I'm-going-to-give-it-back-in-spades, duplicitous, perpetual antagonist.

Quote (totally taken out of context, but noteworthy nonetheless): "I'm too stupid to be on the Supreme Court, so you should get somebody with more sense..." - Scalia.

Couldn't agree more, Nino. Do us all a favor an recuse yourself from any further judgments.

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