Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keepin' Hope Alive!

Thanks, Andrew, for this refreshing perspective:

Obama is still in this; and the Wright fiasco gives him a chance to remove this cloud and address it again. He has the most votes, the most states, the most money, the most new voters and the most delegates and the most Senators on his side. This is no time for a failure of nerve - on the part of the Obama team or his supporters.

It wasn't the outcome of PA that has been bringing me down - I expected exactly what happened, even while quietly hoping for something better. But I have been incredibly surprised at the degree to which the media has taken what was expected by most and turned into something far more than it's worth. Clinton's win in PA was just another bump on her molehill, and the media is trying to make a mountain out of it.

But I also sense what is seeming like a coordinated attack by the media players to not only destroy Obama's candidacy, but also to help bolster McCain's. Normally, I tend to think of the media and most so-called journalists as money-grubbing whores, whose only agenda is to create controversy where there is none in order to feed the beast. But this latest article from the AP that TPM's Josh Marshall dissects looks like clear evidence of deliberate bias to him, and to me.

But back to keepin' hope alive:

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