Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sidney Blumenthal is an enemy of the Progressive Movement

The "man" that is credited with coining the term "vast right-wing conspiracy," also a rabid Clinton supporter, has aligned himself - as Clinton has - with members of said VRWC in attacking Obama. We all know the Clinton campaign will "say anything, do anything" to win, and they know no shame whatsoever, but in aligning themselves with their former enemies, they have themselves become that very enemy.

Progressives must know that Hillary Clinton and her supporters are not friends of the progressive movement, they are the enemy.

Anyone reading this who is also a Salon reader, should contact the editors and publishers at Salon and tell them it is time to stop sleeping with the enemy. Blumenthal's articles can no longer be read without suspicion, and as an enemy of progressives, his writings must be viewed with skepticism.

To see just how low Blumenthal and the Clinton campaign have sunk, read this:

It's shocking, even for the Clintons.

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