Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leslie and Nino

If I hadn't been so damned mad, and if it wasn't so late at night, I might have gone a bit more in depth on what pissed me off so much about Leslie Stahl's interview with Scalia. I stand by my assertion that she should be ashamed of this interview. Watertiger at FDL does a better job of making my case:

This is "brilliant" judicial reasoning? This is the ginsu-sharp intellect that has Lesley Stahl simpering in her chair like a 13-year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert? Like the husband who asserts that his wife was asking to get hit, Scalia was more than happy to shift the blame to Gore for the 7-2 decision that found the Florida recount method unconstitutional. Whether it was within the Court's power to shut down the recount and anoint George Bush President, well that's another matter, one that was decided 5-4. Not that the audience was given the chance to absorb that, since Stahl seemed uninterested in challenging the cocksure Scalia as she moved on quickly to her next talking point.

But nothing was quite so outrageous, and would demand Scalia's recusal from any case that might eventually make it up to the Supreme Court, as his looking-glass position on torture...


So here's to you, Lesley Stahl. If your intention was to reveal the awful plot to seize the White House, then job well done. If not, then "60 Minutes" should be relegated permanently to the dung heap of "entertainment programming.

I'll have a roundup of all that is wrong with Scalia from my perspective, and the damage he has wrought on this country with his decisions. Needless to say, I have a lot to say, so it may take some time.

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