Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to the fully functioning police state of America

Think I'm kidding? No habius corpus, the media and the courts controlled by the administration, war can be declared without legislative approval, and major corporations are enabling and assisting the federal government in profiling everyone and everything they do. If the telecoms get away with being granted retroactive immunity, then we are indeed living in a fascist state, because that is the very definition of fascism (at least, one of them).

If it is true the Senator Jay Rockefeller and Congressman Steny Hoyer are working on a behind-the-scenes deal to include retroactive immunity in the new FISA bill, that represents a clear and present threat to our democracy. It is time to let our elected representatives know as loudly as we can that we are - at least for now - still a democracy. Otherwise, we don't deserve to have one.

Write a letter. Send an e-mail. Make a phone call. However you do it, you must contact your senators and your representatives to let them know you will not stand by and watch as our country devolves into a totalitarian state.

Oh, and when you have time, read this. Let me know if you get any sleep afterwards.

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