Sunday, April 27, 2008

60 Minutiae

60 Minutes kicked off it's Fox News Impersonation Hour with a piece on the Israeli Air Force, just before showing their segment on just how Scalia likes his cock loved. Hint: he likes it when Andy wears a mask in place of his dentures.

I can talk about this program this way because I used to like and respect it. But with this broadcast tonight, all credibility of this news program went out the window when "journalist" Bob Simon proclaimed that "Iran wants Israel obliterated from map." Never mind that this myopic misinterpretation of Iranian president Ahmedinejad's statement has been widely reported for nearly a year, the rest of the segment clearly shows that the AIPAC group and their friends have lobbied the shit out of 60 Minutes to help kickstart another war.

What the rest of the Israeli Air Force segment shows is that we might very well see a war against Iran started close to the US presidential elections. The drums are beating fast and hard, and the Bushies have been having a hard time selling another WAR™ after the brilliant and successful escapade in Iraq. Keep focused on the droplets of "good news" our ever so trustworthy media has been so good to propogand- er, "present" about the Iraq War™. What better way to sell another WAR™ than prove the first WAR™ they (the media) helped sell has succeeded in short order, and not a moment too soon. Now, on to the next WAR™! Because hey, whether the WAR™ is good or bad, WAR™ sells papers (and bring in ad revenue).

What the media and 60 Minutes needs to know right now is that they are not helping Israel or anyone else by fanning the flames. As an former avid supporter of Israel,  I can say reports like this only serve to turn people away. It's been a long time coming, but the distorted and lopsided reporting by the MSM, and their blind allegiance to the Israelis has been successful at accelerating the erosion of my support for Israel.

I once thought I would see a palace revolt against the Bush administration, bu now I think the revolution may ultimately be against the media. That has been a long time coming.

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