Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wright Postmortem

Mr. Hanson,

You portend to know a lot about supporters of Obama, but it is clear by your viewing them as followers of a messianic cult that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. As a supporter of Obama, I'll make it clear to you that I - and every Obama supporter I have met (and I've met thousands) - are under no illusion whatsoever about Obama, the man. We know his candidacy is different in only that it started grassroots and succeeded. But we also know that his message of change is not about what he intends to do with Washington, but what "we the people" will do to Washington, and in politics in general. A new generation is getting involved in politics again, and we will be holding our elected leaders to account. You know this from looking at the dramatic shifting of the electoral map (see LA-06), and you're scared. You should be scared, because we are taking this country back from you right-wing sociopaths, and racist cowards. Neo-Romans.

You've written some pretty racist stuff,  so you have some gall to attack Jeremiah Wright for being racist. Sure, he said some stupid things, but black people who suffered through the civil rights era get a wider berth on the topic of race than the ivory tower white elitists like yourself. The racist who was.

You must feel pretty good looking down on all the poor people of color from your position of privilege. You wouldn't know the first thing about what it is like to suffer merely because of the color of your skin, so on matters race anything you say must be viewed as nothing more than the cry-baby rants of a scared white man. The general who wasn't.

You give white people a bad name. You give America a bad name. It is joyous to see you and your ilk losing your grip, and your America slipping away from you, back to her rightful heirs. We the people.

Jake Barlow

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