Wednesday, September 3, 2008

M$M at the crossroads

Now that the McCain campaign is attacking the M$M - their very own self-described "base" - for doing the actual vetting of Sarah Palin that the McCain camp should have done, how will the M$M respond?

The M$M has a clear opportunity to finally take a stand against being the GOP's whipping boy. Starting way back with Nixon, the GOP has alternately used the M$M as much as it vilified them. It didn't take much to get the M$M to cave-in, and even as they have become stooges for the GOP, the GOP still kicks the M$M around like a mangy mutt, and the M$M gets more and more compliant.

Maybe it's time for that old dog to show it has teeth. They can stop being the mouthpiece for the GOP and start doing their damned jobs the way they were doing it since before this country was founded, instead of being partisan hacks like the AP's Ron Fournier.

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