Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Edwards has been waiting for?

Could it be that John Edwards has been waiting to endorse a candidate right before the North Carolina primary? Lets hope Barack has recently bought some Kawasaki jet skis.


I used to respect John Edwards, because as much as I hate frivolous lawsuits, I understand the need for and the value of trial lawyers, in spite of their gross profits. But in this election he has borne himself out to be a charlatan and a moral coward.

Edwards talks a good game, like most lawyers do, but he's been a vulture leering over the fight between a vicious hyena and a hungry lion, waiting to feast on whatever remains when the fight is over.

He is a coward. Edwards has had the chance many times to have an effect on this nominating cycle, and he has passed each of them by, as he will again this time. Edwards is as calculating as Clinton is, and he is too scared to throw his weight behind either candidate for fear of ending up on the wrong side and having nothing to show for two failed runs at the presidency. Of course, that is if you count $400 haircuts and a few million dollars as nothing.

Johnny has one last chance to prove relevancy before history passes him by. Any takers for a bet that he doesn't have the balls that his mill-worker daddy had?

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Jake Barlow said...

Quote from a HuffPo commenter, eurydice:

As far as an endorsement goes, to quote Captain Jack Sparrow:

"If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it."